// Favourite Persian Diner//

Papa and I have this favourite Persian diner / restaurant near home called Behrouz. We only eat here when we’re really hungry and craving for Persian food cause serving sizes are huge! I always leave this place feeling 3 pounds heavier than when I come in.

I forget what exactly this dish is called, but it’s beef kebab with Persian rice and butter

Hummus! One of my favorite appetizers in the world! Don’t forget to order pita bread with this! ;)

Ox brain! Always better when sprinkled with calamansi or lemon juice

I always order extra tomatoes and onions! I love how they make the tomatoes a little bit burnt on the outside, but real juicy on the inside

Behrouzis located in Sct. Tobias Street corner Timog Avenue, Quezon City

Open everyday from 5pm-5am